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    Wow! The quotes are incredibly moving.. - Karren Alenier

    I've learned, it is odd what a person will join based solely on a generic e-mail. :-) - Paris Kaye

    Want to say thank you, friends for this wonderful idea! It is binding, noursihing and intelligently made! Congratulations! - Claudia Dieckmann

    I sincerely thank you me a literacy stage, letting my voice be heard, and verbalizing my thoughts to help make a difference in this world, while trying to make a positive stand for our generation. This means so much to me to even be thought of and maybe considered. - Jessica Nixon

    The website sounds amazing. - Wanda McKiver

    I took a look at your site…what a wonderful idea! - Shari G. Moss

    Fascinating! I'm interested...count me in. Lately I keep rediscovering the joy of writing "short." This fits.. - Beth Kanell